St Eval Retreat Collection Tins

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Brand:  St Eval

Retreat Collection - Purify, Meditate, Renew

St Eval's Retreat Collection is home to soothing, cleansing and invigorating scented candles to boost your well-being.  Retreat from the busy world and let each scent envelop you on a journey of renewal.

Light each candle in turn, beginning your journey with clearing and calming the mind, softly setting your intentions and finally, refocus and renewal.

Burn Time: up to 25 hours
Size: 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Fragrance: Purify
Fragrance Description: Clear mind and space with soothing sage
Fragrance: Meditate
Fragrance Description: Deep relaxing Copal for mindful practice
Fragrance: Renew
Fragrance Description: Awaken and refocus with tangerine, lime & herbs

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