St Eval Heart Multiwick Rose

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Brand:  St Eval

Heart Shaped Multiwick Candle

Enjoy this Rose Scented Heart Multiwick Candle with the smell and look of romance! Whether you want the mood to be cosy, relaxed or romantic, these heart shaped 3 wick candles will help you set the scene. The hand poured candles are scented with a luxurious floral bouquet with a rich rose character. Candles are made from a blend of mineral wax. Choose between of Pink or Ivory.  Complimentary slate candle base included.

Top Tip:  Light all wicks at the same time and allow the candle to burn long enough for the wax pools to join, this helps ensure an even burn.

  • Burn Time: up to 90 hours
  • Size: D 15.24cm x H 6.35cm
  • Fragrance: Rose Garden
  • Fragrance Description: A luxurious floral bouquet with a rich rose character

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